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Cast Iron Guttering

Cast Iron guttering is an extremely long-lasting rainwater solution, with a lifespan of over 50 years (with the correct maintenance). It’s eco-friendliness and durability makes it a fantastic choice for more traditional properties. 

Cast iron guttering comes in half round, beaded half round, Victorian ogee or moulded ogee gutter profiles, with matching round or square downpipes. The pre-painted black range has an initial red oxide primer coat, followed by 2 black semi-gloss top coats. An average thickness of 75-100mu is applied to all cast iron rainwater pre-painted products in our ranges. 

The primed rainwater system is painted on site by the installer/customer and, as a result, depending on factors such as weather, skill and care of the painter, appearance of this range can vary. When choosing this system , you need to be sure that weather conditions are sound, the paint will dry effectively and the paint quality is good.

 We highly recommend paying that little bit extra for the pre-painted cast iron guttering because of its longer lifespan and resistance to the elements, making it a better long term investment.

We supply the highest quality cast iron gutters.

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Pre-Painted Cast Iron

Pre-painted cast iron is more expensive than primed cast iron, but is a better investment in the long run because of its factory-applied three-coat system. The paint has been specially developed to give a smooth and long lasting finish to the cast iron which is very difficult to replicate on-site. Pre-painted black available next day.

Primed Cast Iron

Primed cast iron gutters are cheaper than the pre-painted range, and come with a temporary 'transit coating' of protective grey oxide primer. They are then painted & installed by a contractor on-site, allowing you to complement other finishes on your property. These products should be painted immediately, as exposure can lead to corrosion.  

Why Choose Cast Iron Guttering?


Manufacturer coatings have improved since the 19th century, and if maintained correctly, cast iron gutters can last in excess of 50 years, possibly even longer!

Range of colours & finishes

Gutter Warehouse sells pre-painted black on a 1-2 working day delivery basis, and 8 colours on a 15 working day basis. The pre-painted range is more popular and recommended.


Cast Iron guttering is 100% recyclable, and because of its long lifespan of up to 50 years, it reduces the need for other materials. Some research suggests that the by-products of iron oxide enhances the growth of plant life.

Choice of RAL Colours

*Pre painted black is avaialable on 1-2 working days delivery, and any 8 standard RAL colours for delivery in 15 working days

Cast Iron Gutters: Primed or Pre-Painted?

The cast iron rainwater system looks fantastic on traditional heritage properties and, while a more expensive option, is extremely durable, long lasting and 100% recyclable. If manufactured and maintained effectively, it can last in excess of 50 years. 

The primary protection for cast iron guttering is paint. Factors such as paint quality, the number of coatings and even when the paint is applied can influence the appearance of cast iron. Many individuals aren’t aware of the effect that poor installation or maintenance can have on the look of this rainwater system, which is why we recommend choosing a pre-painted finish with a triple coating. Please note that cast iron is a heavy system, and will require 2-3 experienced skilled DIYers to install.

The pre-painted black finish, as sold by Gutter Warehouse, is available on a 1-2 working day lead time, with a choice of 8 RAL colours available on a 15 working day lead time. This guttering system compliments a standing seam metal roof – see our sister website The Metal Roof Company for more details.

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