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Plastisol Roof Sheets

We supply plastisol coated roof sheets in a range of colours and thicknesses and profiles, including 0.5 and 0.7mm, as well as 32/1000, 34/1000 and 13/3 PVC coated sheets. You can browse our range below by using the filters. These sheets can be used for industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic roofing and cladding projects. Get in touch if you have any queries or would like a tailored quote:

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Plastisol coated roof sheets are created using two sheets of PVC with a polyurethane coating in between. This coating makes the material water-resistant, durable and long lasting. This material has several advantages that make it an excellent option for roofs.

PVC plastisol corrugated roofing is easy to install, lightweight, and is easy to maintain. It also comes in different thicknesses, which means you can get the strength you need for any building project. In addition, PVC plastisol corrugated roofing can be repaired easily if something happens to damage it.

These roofing sheets are commonly used for residential homes, commercial buildings, stables, warehouses, barns, self-storage units and more.

When deciding where to use this material, you should consider the size of your building and what kind of weather it will be exposed to. PVC plastisol corrugated roofing will work well on any size of building as long as it’s not too large or too small – you’ll also need to decide which thickness to choose depending on how big your building is and what type of protection you want. 

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