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Fine Mesh Insert - Gutter Mate 2


-Helps purify the water so you can use it in your pressure washer, for car cleaning, and for toilet flushing to save buying another filter.

– The degree of filtration is increased more than 20 fold when inserted into the filter basket. Up to 800 micron.

– Easy to fit.

– Easy to clean.

– Low-cost solution to filtration of rainwater.

– Good solution if water is needed for use in a pressure washer.

– Good solution if using the rainwater for car washing.

– Barrier to insects.

– Can be fitted in seconds.

– PLEASE NOTE: Filter basket and Gutter Mate are sold separately.

Lead time is 10-12 working days on all water butts


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You Will Need a Downpipe Adapter with your water butt

Waterbutt filter collector universal

There is a choice between the cheaper option (image 1 above) or the more expensive option (image 2)

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