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Composite Cladding

Composite cladding is created using recycled wood and plastic (40% polyethene), and can be used on a variety of projects; from small outbuildings to large residential projects.

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 It is available in a wide range of colours and a great alternative to traditional timber exterior cladding. Composite wall cladding requires very little maintenance and will perform well in all seasons of the year. Our cladding boards give 135mm coverage once installed on your exterior wall. Every 500mm, you should support them with batons and composite joists (as per the installation guide). There are many benefits of using composite cladding on your project:

  • Composite cladding will reinforce your walls and look beautiful – the wide range of colours available ensures that you can choose one to match the exterior of your property. Whether it’s a darker charcoal colour or a light grey – we can help!
  • It’s durable – the wood fibre and plastic combined ensure your cladding will last many years without showing signs of wear and tear. The boards have been crafted to install over materials like concrete. This makes it a great option for commercial or domestic purposes. Whilst not the most robust material on the market, it’s stronger than wood and lasts a little longer.
  • Very low maintenance. Composite cladding only requires simple cleaning to make it look beautiful. There is no need to sand, oil, seal or paint your boards – this saves you money (and time) in the long term! As a result of the bonding agents, these boards have UV-resistant features. They will not fade or discolour, unless exposed to extreme sunlight.
  • Resistant to the elements – this wall cladding will not splinter or break when exposed to high winds or heavy rain.
  • Increased property value. Installing high quality cladding and decking on your property can help to increase the value of your property- this is because of the boards’ UV resistance, durability and ease of maintenance. This is a real bonus!
  • Can be installed vertically and horizontally, thanks to the innovative design of grooves and slots on the boards.
  • Cladding can stop rain entering the building – prevents the build up of mould or mildew on the wall.

We also supply the full range of metal rainwater products, from aluminium to cast iron. Many products are available on a next day delivery basis with big discounts! Please get in touch with our team if you have any queries:

Feel a sense of pride about your home cladding

We want you to feel proud. It’s tough searching for materials online without actually seeing the boards in front of you. Don’t get caught out buying low-quality boards with little product information.

We want to equip you with all the tools to get the cladding installed on your own. The boards will be delivered right to your doorstep by a private delivery truck, allowing you to relax in the comfort of your own home. 

Many of our customers have been able to install the cladding quickly and efficiently – some even say it’s fun!

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Quality matters to us

Every single project and customer matters to us. We don’t want to sell you cheap cladding boards that last a couple of years. The composite boards we supply are made from 60% FSC accredited wood and 40% recycled polyethylene, increasing the strength and lifespan. The boards are also doing their bit for the environment by using recycled plastic!

No need for the cladding to be sealed, stained or painted.

A brilliant colour-stable alternative to traditional timber exterior cladding.

We understand it's tough to visualise the installation!

It may be your first time buying composite cladding. Awesome! We have a bundle of free technical guides to guide you every step of the way. Our friendly team of UK cladding experts are on-hand to support you.

The boards are simply installed with a tongue-and-groove style fitting, fixed onto supporting joists. Available in 8 beautiful colours to match your property.

Composite Cladding
Composite Cladding 2

Composite Cladding FAQ's

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It’s very simple! Please refer to our installation guide for more information.

The boards that we supply are made of 60% wood and 40% polyethene.

Yes! There is no need to oil, varnish or paint your cladding boards – we recommend regularly wiping down composite cladding boards with a smooth cloth, using a bit of soap to get rid of simple stains. 

Try not to scratch the surface!

They come in 3.6m lengths, ideal for commercial, domestic and agricultural use.

As long as the boards are not exposed to intense sunlight all the time, the boards will not fade. Due to UK seasonal weather, it is highly unlikely that the cladding will fade. 

However, the woodgrain cladding is more susceptible to slight fading over time.

Yes, we offer a 10 year guarantee. If you have any queries about our policies, please get in touch with us on

Yes, absolutely. Please see our installation guide for instructions.

10 working days on all corrugated, decking & cladding products sold by Gutter Warehouse.

Yes – please feel free to drop us an email: You can also call our office during the week: 0208 037 6020.

Yes, absolutely. We can offer composite cladding to people living in London and beyond. It will arrive on a private delivery truck to your doorstep. Please note though – these boards are long and heavy so you’ll likely need a builder on site to manage them.

Crafted Using Recycled materials

The composite cladding that we supply is made up of fully recycled materials (60% FSC accredited wood fibers and 40% polyethylene plastic. This combination offers durability, ensuring a long-lasting decking solution that adds to your home’s ‘curb appeal.’

Here at Gutter Warehouse, we have a commitment to offering eco-friendly roofing and rainwater solutions, which is why over 75% of our products are considered eco-friendly. 

Composite Cladding panels UK

Super Simple To Maintain

Composite panel cladding is very low maintenance thanks to the bonding agents and other additives which are used in creation. No need to worry about staining or painting – just give the cladding a wipe whenever dirt lands on the surface.
We recommend using soapy water to scrub the boards. Avoid using high-pressure washers or sharp objects when cleaning your composite cladding boards. Refer to our full cladding guide for more details.
Range of colours available
We wupply a wide range of colours, making it easy for your to suit the interior or exterior of your property. If you would like a closer look, you can directly request a sample pack by getting in touch with our team:
We offer composite cladding in eight colours and two finishes, giving you a wide range of choice!

Composite Cladding, Stone Grey

Composite Cladding 5

Composite Cladding, Charcoal

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